Seven Autumn hair tips for 2020

As the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, many women like to change up their hairstyle. Carefree summer days have ended and the lighting indoors is different. People like to make the transition of the seasons with a slightly different look. Many women like to have a stronger, more defined hairstyle which works better when wearing a scarf and sweater.

Air-drying some hair types doesn’t work as well either as it can take too long, so people usually go back to blow-drying their style. Humidity becomes an issue in London, as rain becomes more frequent, so anti-humidity products become more popular.

Colour becomes more defined and noticeable – time to get a bit bolder

  1. Think about losing some length

Blow-drying and ironing hair can make the ends dry and brittle so why not start the autumn with healthy tresses? A trim (1-2cm) is a good start, but if you feel like changing your look, why not go shorter?

Have a look around the internet and get some pictures together of styles you like. Or go through past pictures of yourself with different hairstyles and see which ones you want to try again. Or you can book an online Zoom consultation with me to discuss which styles would work best for your tastes, your face shape and your lifestyle.

2. Get bolder with colour.

Ask your hairdresser about making your colour bolder or more defined. It could involve some darker pieces to give more definition, or a toner to make the roots darker, stretching out to lighter on the ends. As Autumn is cooler, it could be nice to warm up your colour with caramels, and autumn leaf colours if that works with your skin tone. Again, I can provide colour ideas for you as part of an online Zoom consultation.

3. Get a new Zoom look with a fringe

You may have horror memories of a home-cut fringe when you were young, but there are many types of fringe, ranging from short and funky to soft and French-style (à la Francoise Hardy, see picture on left). They can even be long – chin or lip length, and so easy to sweep to the side and grow out.

The big advantage of fringes is that they draw attention to the facial features: eyes, cheekbones and lips and they provide an attractive face frame when wearing the hair up for work. Eyebrow-length or shorter fringes often need trimming every 4 weeks though, and although your hairdresser might well be happy to offer free maintenance for you, you can also buy some hairdressing scissors and maintain it yourself to some extent. Check out my youtube fringe/bang trimming how-to here.

4. Experiment with styling.

Wearing the hair with a slight wave in it is very now, so think about drying your hair straight-ish, then getting the tongs out and adding in a casual wave. If you don’t have time to do the whole head, start with just the front – it looks cool.

The secret to your waves not dropping straight out is putting some styling product with hold in damp hair and drying it in. Something like an anti-humidity blow-dry lotion (I recommend Davines Blow Dry Primer) or a mousse would work well, and also give the hair some heat protection.

5. If you have afro (type 4) hair, au naturel is amazing.

Lots of women with this hair type are ditching the weaves and growing out their hair, perhaps adding a pop of colour. Lots of deep conditioning and careful handling needed for this hair type though, especially if it is coloured. And getting a trim at least every 3 months is a must.

6. Do some deep conditioning if you have long, curly hair or damaged hair.

A combination of sun and salt water during the summer and central heating in the autumn can be drying on the hair. This is the time to put some effort into reconditioning your hair if it is dry and brittle. Towel-dry your hair after shampooing, apply a deep conditioning mask, use a wide-tooth comb to work it in and put on a shower cap for 15 min.

I recommend the Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Miracle Mask (£22) or Davines ‘The Renaissance Circle’ (£9) Alternatively, you could try a combination of coconut and olive oil, leave in for 2 hours, then do a light shampoo to remove.

7. Get ready for the festive season with a hair accessory.

This year’s Christmas celebrations might be muted but it’s always a nice excuse to get a bit glamorous, and a hair accessory is a great way to jazz up a look for a get-together of friends or family.

Something with some sparkle can be fun, something with a vintage feel or even something exotic e.g. Japanese style. Hair accessories are not just for weddings! Etsy is a great place to look for something like this.