Keep your beard looking good: step-by-step

A beard can make a man look cool, masculine, grown-up and intelligent, However, if not maintained, they can make the wearer look unprofessional and like their luck has run out!

Conversely, I think a beard which is overly perfect and neat can look a bit shady and overdone. Sharp lines generally look better where the man has dark skin and contrast between beard and skin is needed.

Tools for beard maintenance

In order to maintain a short beard, invest in an electric beard trimmer with a wide range of adjustable settings and cutting lengths. There are a wide range on the market -it’s best to spend at least £35. Remember to lubricate the blade with the clipper oil supplied and always trim your beard in front of a clear (unfogged) mirror .

Combs – you will need one with fine-spaced teeth for moustache trimming – the moustache hairs will move too much if your comb teeth are spaced too wide. For freehand sideburn and beard trimming, the Japanese carbon comb now supplied on the Candice Zen Hair online shop has flat teeth and is ideal for running a clipper or trimmer over. It’s also wide so you are less likely to accidentally cut part of the beard you didn’t mean to! Otherwise, a jumbo comb is OK.

7 steps for maintaining a professional-looking beard.

  1. Trim the neckline
    Find your Adam’s apple on your throat and then find the spot one finger’s width above. That is the point at which you should remove the neck hair up to. Trim the hair off in a slight curve. Don’t take your beard much higher than this otherwise your side profile may look odd – beards are meant to cover the whole underside of the jaw.

2. Cut the beard hair immediately above the neckline a little bit shorter
This will make the transition from the jaw to the neck more natural and avoid the ‘stick-on beard’ look. Pick a fairly short length on the setting and gently stroke the line so that some hair comes off. Don’t be heavy handed here – a natural blurring of the line is what we’re aiming for.

3. Trim the moustache
A moustache creeping into the mouth isn’t a good look. Keep your moustache at a length where it touches or almost touches your top lip. Use a comb to trap the moustache hair, then use either your trimmer or scissors to tidy up.

4. Tidy up your cheeks
The beard cheek line should follow a slightly curved diagonal from the bottom of the sideburn to the edge of the moustache. Take a look at the density of the hair here and work out where the natural line of the beard is. Remove any stray hairs above this line with your trimmer.

5. Trim the beard sides and sideburns using your beard trimmer on a longer setting.
Remember to always start with a setting you think is too long and work downwards. The settings can be misleading and it’s easy to go too short! Or, if you want to freehand it, use the bare clipper blade and a comb (see picture). Slide the comb next to your cheek and pull it out a bit. Trim off the hair sticking out through the comb teeth.

6. Optional: allow the beard hair at the chin and jaw to be a bit longer and trim into a square shape.
Use your comb and the bare clipper blade as shown below, allowing the beard to have a flat base. This will accentuate the jaw and give the beard a more masculine shape.

Or you can get a professional beard trim (£20 extra) when you have a haircut with Candice at Hair Colour Studio salon in Kings Cross once restrictions are lifted.