Hair trends in London, 2021

By Candice Zen, 14 July 2021

2021 has been a strange year so far, and might continue to be so! Nevertheless, people’s sense of style continues to evolve, perhaps influenced subconsciously by recent events. Here’s a round up of the trends I’m seeing in London.

layered shag haircut by Randa Rivera
  1. The layered ‘shag’ haircut is back.
    Layers are in. This hairstyle has a 1970’s vibe, is low-maintenance yet has a style statement. Can be with or without a fringe but is more impactful with one, for women (not generally for men, fringes on them currently look extremely retro). This haircut works best on people with medium and thick hair density, ideally with a slight wave as well. Not really suitable for fine hair unless it is wavy. Great for summer because it really doesn’t need much styling and you can let it air dry naturally with a bit of styling product. [image: hair by Randa Rivera}
1970s inspired fringe and face frame
ON/AFP via Getty Images)

2. Fringe trend: the current trend is a kind of French, slightly flicked-out, piecey fringe. These grow out well as they can easily be parted and styled to the sides. Although of course any fringe which is cut well and suits the wearer will look good. Fringes frame the features and draw attention to the eyes.

3. Colour: this season, many clients are opting for more impact and contrast, less subtlety and more fun. For sun-kissed looks, this means we are doing bolder and bright face-frames (steering away from stripes though), and a rooty, darker natural contrast is at the back of the head.
Vivid and pops of colours are popular – bleaching panels of hair underneath the parting, means that colour jumps out when the hair moves. If the hair is bleached, the client can put a pastel tone on themselves if they want and play around with it. [images: hair by Candice Zen and Alix Galliard]

panel of colour by Alix Galliard
Panel of colour on a man. Hair by Candice Zen

4, Men: for men with short hair, a bit more length on the sides seems to be trending, and more length left on top for a natural look. Very heavily styled hair seems to be out, and a more natural effortless look is in (this still may require a bit of product). Long hair is also coming back for younger men and I think it looks best with a very natural haircut. Remember to get a trim every 3-4 months as this helps it not get knotty. Colour for men’s hair is either really obvious and statement e.g. bleached out or so natural/subtle, you wouldn’t know it was coloured.

Man's haircut

5. Summer hair: my favourite way of styling long summer hair – bright, boldly patterned scarves and wraps, keeping hair out of the way in the heat but keeping it bright and colourful. If your hair is long enough, why not have a good at braiding some bright fabric or a scarf into hair? Wearing or styling with fabric works even better when the hair is a dark colour. [images: various, Vogue magazine]

In the hot weather, remember to take care of your skin and scalp. And, enjoy yourself!