Beards on men: yes or no?

During lockdown and this past year, many men have been trying out different looks, including wearing a beard. Wearing one removes the need to shave and, if maintained, beards confer the following visual advantages:

  • Makes the wearer look older by about 5 years – if he is a youngish man. This can be a good thing when applying for jobs as it may give the impression of more experience.
  • Gives him a distinguished, intelligent look
  • Makes him look more rugged, natural and not overly concerned with appearance.
  • Provides versatility for his look. Guys get bored with their look sometimes and like to change things up. Lots of beard and moustache variations can be worn e.g. goatee, full beard.
  • Makes his jaw look heavier and squarer (if shaped well) and emphasises his masculinity.
  • Again, if shaped well, makes him look slimmer if the beard is not allowed to get bushy at the sides. Hides a double chin.
  • For bald men or men who wear their hair extremely short/buzzed, beards confer a visual frame for the face. These men can sometimes lose visual impact if they lose their hair, so a beard is helpful.

These advantages are generally only if the beard is reasonably maintained! If not, he can look quite scruffy. In the next post, I will be sharing the 7 easy steps for beard maintenance. Do share this link with your male friends/partners and anyone who would like this info!